The Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach is designed to provide the modern fitness professional or fitness enthusiast with an in-depth knowledge of key nutrition and dietary concepts and to apply this knowledge in an effective, client-focused manner

Learners must hold one of the following:

  • Certificate in Fitness Instructing.
  • Certificate in Group Fitness Instructing.
  • Certificate in Personal Training.
  • Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity
  • Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Exercise and Health.

It is recommended that the full course be completed within 8 weeks. The course manual is divided into 10 chapters. This same structure is followed throughout all the online learning materials as well to ensure consistency and simplicity of information. The course content follows a carefully planned order:

• Chapters 1-3 provide a comprehensive theoretical foundation to several essential nutritional topics.
• Chapters 4-7 teach the student how to apply their nutritional knowledge to the 4 most common dietary objectives related to health and fitness.
• Chapters 8-9 discuss how to perform effective dietary analysis and how to coach clients successfully in the needed diet and behavior change.
• Chapter 10 provides a useful reference to a range of legal ergogenic supplements.

The Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach online course contains 8 assessments in total. These are split between 7 online quizzes and a final applied case study exam at the end of the course. Each quiz has a clearly identified passing grade of 70% or 75% depending on the number of questions in the quiz. The final case study exam has a passing grade of 70%. All assessments must be completed successfully to pass the course. In addition to the assessments, a minimum of 90% of all online content, lessons, and videos, must be read and watched to meet the criteria for successful certification

Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

Other Related Qualification

This course can be started Online at anytime

Benefits to you

  • The quality of your training is of an extremely high standard for the health, fitness and wellbeing sector
  • Our CPD training is often partially or fully reimbursed by employers
  • Demonstrate ongoing professional development for your profession*
  • Global portability and recognition
  • Your certificate is recognised almost in all gyms and fitness centers worldwide

Benefits to your clients

  • You are on top of the latest research and thinking and can provide up-to-date advice to your clients
  • You can prove to your clients that the training you have received is of the highest standard and is relevant to the health, wellness and fitness sector specifically

Benefits to your employer

  • You are on top of the latest research and thinking in your field You meet your company’s requirements and training standards
  • FAE and FAE partners are well-known and well-respected global brands in the health, wellness and fitness sector
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