Fitness Academy Europe follows quality standards set by FAE .
FAE Ensure
FAE consist of individuals who are familiar with sport and fitness as lifestyle and profession and committed to deliver high quality in training and education
FAE and tutors,assessors and IVs are informed of quality assurance policy arerequired to sign policy for confirmation

MaintainFAE has regular meetings where improvements of quality policy are informed

Tutors / teachers / assessors / IVs

Fitness Academy Europe follows quality standards set by FAE .
FAE Ensure
FAE consist of individuals who are familiar with sport and fitness as lifestyle and profession and committed to deliver high quality in training and education
FAE and tutors,assessors and IVs are informed of quality assurance policy arerequired to sign policy for confirmation

MaintainFAE has regular meetings where improvements of quality policy are informed

(CPD) Continuing Professional Development

All our staff are encouraged to attend our workshops and courses to gain more knowledge in fitness, coaching, nutrition, health and training.
 Our staff is encouraged to attend international conferences and expos to accompany the management team.
We arrange regular meetings over lunch or dinner before and/or after course together with staff and tutors,assessors and IVs to share ideas.
We launched our e learning platforms our students and T,A,IVs can use for self study purposes .
Our staff are able to request any training they may feel is beneficial to their job role and will do our best to offer activities that we agree are beneficial.
 All CPD activities will be logged and kept up to date and will be available to view by FAE on request.

Regular meetings between T,A, IVs and staff are held to inform improvements in quality policy Member of FAE IV sample all lectures to ensure high quality of teaching Improvements are made if high quality of teaching is not delivered



 Application process is held to ensure qualifications before students are accepted to course
 Student identity is ensured from identity card before registering to course and before attending to exam


 FAE/Europe Active statement and EREPS Code of Ethical Practice is included to teaching material
 Students keep report of lectures and training during course
Students are required to fill feedback forms after each learning segment




 Study Materials are updated and accepted by Europe Active standards for accredited course
 Study Materials are inline with the international standards

Continuous improvements are made to deliver better quality of teaching material to learners

Exam / assessment

Exam is to assess students' understanding of written material in the course. Practical assessment analyses students' readiness for profession.
Continuous improvements are made based on new information and student feedback


Education environment is clean, air conditioned and gym based Line of communication must be accessible between all team members including the management team, tutors and students. Communication happens mainly by email but faster connections such as messenger and whatsapp applications are also used on a regular basis.

 Member of Team FAE attends on all lectures to ensure productive and comfortable learning environment
 Improvements are made if these are not met

Fitness Academy Europe is committed to deliver high quality of education based on International and regulated standards and desire to produce fitness professionals with the latest information to help individuals towards healthier lifestyles. We want to serve our students by finding partners to deliver the best quality of training. We offer professional support after graduating. All to ensure to help the individual. To achieve this objective our quality assurance policy is based on the principle of continuous improvement.

Quality Assurance Arrangements Policy

FAE monitors and evaluates all its systems, policies and procedures for the delivery of regulated qualifications to ensure they are in line with regulatory General Conditions of Recognition.
Continuous improvement is assured through ongoing monitoring, thus promoting public confidence in the quality of all FAE’s qualifications, products and supporting resources.
Prompt action is taken to address any weakness identified, and this monitoring forms part of FAE’s annual self-assessment activities.
Monitoring and evaluation activity must align to published regulatory criteria, against which all awarding organisations are recognised. For example the regulatory authorities will consider the extent to which:

there are systematic arrangements for monitoring and reporting on all aspects of FAE work in respect of regulated qualifications
 rigorous self-assessment leads to identified priorities and challenging targets for improvement
 prompt and decisive action is taken to maintain quality and standards
 appropriate, prompt action is taken where monitoring of centers reveals critical weaknesses in processes or procedures

FAE will also monitor and evaluate the following to better inform our processes:

malpractice / maladministration events
reasonable assessment adjustment and special consideration requests
compliance with our customer service charter commitments
the nature and number of enquiries and appeals
internal and external verification practice

Ensuring the standards of our qualifications and units
FAE has a responsibility to all learners undertaking our qualifications, and to the regulatory authorities in England, Malta and Finland to ensure that approved centers deliver our qualifications in accordance with relevant national standards.
In order to meet this responsibility, the performance of each FAE centre is monitored and verified by our team of experienced and qualified External Verifiers (EVs), who additionally have considerable experience of working within Health and fitness industry sectors.
We allocate EVs to centres depending on their area of expertise and geographical location and, in doing so, also ensure that EVs will not be allocated to a centre at which they have or previously had a personal interest.
In addition to helping the centre successfully administer, deliver and assess our qualifications by providing their staff with appropriate information, advice and guidance in relation to developments at FAE and the wider education and funding systems, the EVs are also responsible for ensuring that each centre has appropriate internal quality assurance systems in place.
The EVs will normally assure the quality of delivery by working in partnership to monitor the performance of the centre, the purposes of which are to:

 address any queries the centre may have
provide the centre with up-to-date information and advice in line with FAE qualifications, and regulatoryدauthority guidance
 review various arrangements at the centre in accordance with a tailored visit plan for the centre. For example:
ensuring, through appropriate sampling and verification, that assessment arrangements are fit for purpose, and the criteria against which learners’ performance is differentiated are being applied
consistently by assessors within and across centres, and in accordance with the requirements specified for each qualification
 ensuring the centre is taking all reasonable steps to prevent the occurrence of malpractice and maladministration
 confirming that previously identified action points have been met
confirming that assessments are conducted by appropriately qualified and occupationally expert assessors, in line with FAE’s Staff Approval requirements
confirming all learners undertake an initial assessment in order to identify barriers to assessment, exemptions and/or recognition of prior learning (RPL)
 sampling assessment decisions to confirm that the learner evidence is authentic, reliable and valid, and that national standards are being consistently maintained and regulatory requirements adhered to
checking that assessment decisions are regularly sampled, through internal verification, for accuracy against those standards
checking that claims for certification are authentic, valid and supported by auditable records, and that learners have met the specified level of attainment
ensuring the centre is retaining appropriate records of assessment and internal verification decisions for the required time period
ensuring the centre is meeting FAE requirements for learner data retention as set out in our guidance materials to centres
providing advice and support on the interpretation of national standards, learning outcomes and assessment criteria


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