Registration Process

The FAE registration process is designed with three aims in mind:

The FAE registration process is designed with three aims in mind:

To provide the learner with a clear idea of what the qualification consists of, what to expect to get from it and what is required to be qualified.

To ensure that once a learner has been accepted, they have a very high chance of successfully completing the course.

To ensure that those who are accepted have a high probability of attaining employment within the fitness industry once they have graduated from FAE and its partners.

Entry Requirements

The process of registration:


All interested learners must complete the online application form. Application fee is included in the final price .


After reviewing your application, a member of our registeration team will follow up by email or telephone.


Once you have been accepted onto the course, you must make payment or part payment by selecting either the x1 payment in full or x4 installment payment method to confirm your place on the practical course of your choice (subject to availability – given on a first-come, first-served basis).


Courses can be paid by debit/credit card through the online booking page(paypal).


Once your booking has been made you will be registered with the exam board and provided with access to your online e-learning student account allowing you to begin your studies. At this point, your deposit/payment and any subsequent payments are strictly non-refundable.


The balance of your course fee must be settled prior to the beginning of the practical course.

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